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Issue #69 - December 2011
Focus on - Craft Australia Closure and End of Year Wrap Up
ISSN: 1838-0433

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1 editorial

winding up

It is an understatement to say that the past couple of months have been frantic. As many of you will now be aware, Craft Australia has been defunded by the Visual Arts Board (VAB) of the Australia Council for the Arts. This decision was announced at the end of October as the outcome of a minor review of the key organisations that are supported by this agency. The reason given for this decision is that Craft Australia was too reliant on Government support and was not meeting the needs of the sector, both of which Craft Australia has challenged. …

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2 latest articles

Jane Burns, Jeff Mincham opening, Object Gallery Sydney Photographer Catrina Vignando


letter to the arts minister simon crean
Letter to the Arts Minister Simon Crean on the defunding of Craft Australia submittted by Jane Burns, AM. Jane Burns was the founding Director of the Crafts Council of Australia from 1971 to 1992, later re-named Craft Australia in 2003.
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Craft Australia survey supporters 2011


save craft australia petition
Since we opened the petition to Save Craft Australia last month on the 28th of October we have had 1,754 responses with 99.9 % supporting Craft Australia. This is what people around the nation and internationally are saying about what Craft Australia means to...
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Robert Reason, President of Craft Australia, Photographer


craft australia defunded
This letter was sent to the Chairperson of the Visual Arts Board, Professor Ted Snell. It follows the notification received by Craft Australia that it would no longer receive program funding from the Visual Arts Board beyond the end of December 2011. The lette...
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Brian Parkes, Photographer


letter to the vab of the australia council
Letter to the Visual Arts Board on the defunding of Craft Australia submittted by Brian Parkes, Chief Executive Officer , JamFactory and Australian Craft and Design Centres (ACDC) representative on the Board of Craft Australia. The Visual Arts Board of the Au...
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3 news from the sector

Craft South funding cut by the Australia Council

Craft South part of the ACDC ( Australian Craft and Design Centres) network has only been offered funding to the end of 2012 by the Australia Council in it's recent key organisation funding announcement. Craft South had previously been offered triennial funding which has been reduced to a one year allocation of $55, 670. Craft South was established in 1966 and has over the past 45 years provided opportunities, collaborations with creative institutions, businesses and the broader community to promote the craft and design community of South Australia. South Australia has been hit quite badly in the recent cuts with ANAT and the Australian Experimental Art Foundation' triennial funds also reduced to a one year allocation. See the OZCO's funding announcement .

Australasian Craft Network Established

The Australasian Craft Network (ACN) has been established as a bridge with the World Craft Council. The World Craft Council is the umbrella organisation of five regional associations (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America), within which are various sub-regions. Historically, Australia and New Zealand have been in the South Pacific sub-region of the Asia Pacific ( region. The WCC General Assembly meets every four years. Regional groups meet annually. The ACN coordinators are Dr Kevin Murray, vice-president, World Craft Council Asia Pacific Region and Lindy Joubert ( Director of the inaugural UNESCO Observatory Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts. To be part of this network and receive emails of World Craft Council activities, including upcoming workshops and forums and contribute to shaping events in the Australasian region that connect with the international craft world. You can submit your details online .

Australian Network for Art and Technology faces funding cuts

The Australian Network for Art and Technology, which has played a vital role in supporting Australian artists working with emerging technologies for 23 years, has been informed by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council that their funding will only be renewed for one year. Arts South Australia have also announced they will cease ANAT 's organisational funding beyond 2012. These funding cuts to ANAT will further impact on available support and funding available to craft and design practitioners many of whom have received promotion, residencies and grants through ANAT. In light of these funding cuts to organisations the Australia Council has announced a four year National Media Arts Strategic Initiative of $340,000 to run for a period of four years only. This is a significant reduction to funds allocated to Media Arts. dLux Media Arts in NSW was also defunded in the recent allocations of key organisation funding. ANATs announcement .

Australia Council exempted from increase in efficiency dividend

The Australia Council has been exempted from the boosted efficiency dividend increased from 1.25% to 2.5 %. The 1.25% efficiency dividend has already been applied to administration, grants and programs and the result of these cuts are being felt across the sector. Other cultural institutions exempted from the additional cuts include the National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia and National Library of Australia. For further details of exempt institutions .



4 calendar

Sorcha Flett, Skeletal, 2011Mathew Harding, Poise chair, 2007, laminated brimsply and monofilament. Photographer: Jeremy Dillon