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1 Editorial

Indigenous craft - sustaining visual story telling

August is a month for the celebration and recognition of Australian Indigenous craft, arts and culture. Across Australia this month, from Cairns through Darwin to Perth, as well as at the British Museum in London, are award-winning exhibitions showcasing the vigour and freshness of Indigenous stories and craft.

Torres Strait Island culture is on show in Brisbane and in Cairns, reflected in sculptural works of headdresses, masks, fibre nets, metal cast dugong refined from wood carvings and digital printed textiles, ceramics and jewellery from mixed media including metal, shell and seed pods.

A key movement is the use of 'ghost nets', materials discarded and lost at sea. Indignenous craft has also positioned itself within contemporary art as a means to address the shared history of colonialism in Australia.

Enjoy the stories and issues raised within the interviews, reviews and tale of adventure as Indigenous artists and crafts people discuss their cultural practice across craft media, advocate for first class technical skills and present their conceptual investigations on sustainability.

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sam juparulla wickman, glass in relation to my mothers country, interview
Since 2004 Sam Juparulla Wickman has led the Indigenous production of warm, slumped glass, opening up a whole new medium for Aboriginal artists to pursue. His craft was influenced by art as much as by working with Malcom Jagamarra, a Warlpiri man, part of the...
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Danie Mellor The Collector Blue Roo II, 2007, detail.


danie mellor, layering histories and replicating craft in indigenous contemporary art, interview
Danie Mellor discusses his contemporary art practice across different media including: ceramics, print-making, sculpture, mixed-media and object-based installations - as part of his conceptual investigation of colonial settlement in Australia. Mellor reflects...
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erub craft - sustaining land, sea and sky, interview
Erub artists - Maryann Bourne, Franklin Mye, Ellarose Savage and Florence Gutchen - give an insight into sustaining their Torres Strait Island culture as well as their experience in creating craft in new media. This includes the 'Ghost Nets' project, weaving a...
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Bull kelp water carrier Tasmania 1800s  Courtesy The Trustees of the British Museum.


colin martin, baskets & belonging - entwined lives
The exciting eye-opener in the British Museum's Australian season is a novel exhibition of historic and contemporary indigenous Australian baskets. The purity of form and function of indigenous Aboriginal baskets resonate with a spirituality that is beyond mer...
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3 Tale of Adventure - Lucy Simpson, Visual Storytelling and Gaawaa Miyay textile prints

Lucy Simpson Fabric bangles 2011

Lucy Simpson introduced her Gaawaa Miyay range of prints, through cloth, at the Matilda Australian design showcase at the London Design Festival in 2010, and at Design Made Trade fair at the Melbourne Design Festival 2011. Simpson discusses how connecting to a story, speaking to family and community members and reinterpreting what has been passed on to her is always the first step for her when considering a new design.




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